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Published oct.14.2021by Israel Endalkachew

Car theft prevention in Addis Ababa

Cars play a crucial part in our life. We use them to go to and from places. But what would happen if your car suddenly disappears? There were 211 cars stolen in 2020, according to data from Addis Ababa Police Commission. “PUBLISHED ON Sep 18, 2021- Reporter Newspaper”

The theft of car parts has been around in Addis Ababa for a long time, but thieves have grown bolder in recent years. Drivers who return to parking lots not to find cars where they had parked become an alarmingly increasing incident. Those stolen cars had been picked from parking lots in broad day light.

The owners of most of the cars knew their cars were stolen right away but couldn’t do anything about it other than reporting to the police, which doesn’t guarantee swift recovery of the car while it is still intact.

The theft of car parts is among the most common reports. A lack of secure parking spaces and organized parking service providers are major reasons for the rise in car theft.

Car Theft Addis Ababa

Installing GPS Tracking Devices in cars have played a very crucial role in keeping car owners updated about the where about of their cars. Using GPS Tracking Systems, you can easily see where your car is at all times, in real time.

GPS Real-Time Tracking is a process by which you can use your mobile device or computer to check your cars location, at what speed it’s being driven, the level of fuel in the fuel tank and much more advanced features such as getting an alert every-time the car’s engine is started.

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