Driver Identification Solutions
Does this sound like your fleet?
• Misuse of vehicles…
• Mixed information…
• Bad behavior…
• Arguments over accident responsibility…
• Low efficiency and high cost...

What we offer
RFID and fingerprint scanners

With the installation of our RFID , you can always rest assured that no one can use your vehicles but their assigned drivers. The vehicles simply won’t start for anyone else, and if an unauthorized driver attempts to start the vehicle, a buzzer will sound.

Information management solutions

Not only can our GPS tracking system help you follow your vehicle’s position, but with our driver identification solutions, you’ll have the information of each vehicle’s driver at your disposal.

Driver supervision and accountability

Our real-time GPS tracking will display the names of drivers, and so will any reports received from Bofan. These reports can help pinpoint issues of productivity and efficiency, and making drivers accountable for misuse of vehicles.

Accident liability

Our history reports keep a running record of vehicle positions and operators so that drivers responsible for accidents can be immediately identified.


Each of these solutions work together to promote efficiency, accountability, responsibility, and safety. You’ll save management and operating costs as well as maintenance costs and lost productivity.