Key Features


Programmable Events:

Events can be defined to both transmit and act on complex events. For example – activating the horn and transmitting when a tanker truck activates its engine while unloading fuel at the fuel depot.

Speed restrictions:

Programmable alerts whenever the vehicle goes above/ below a pre-defined speed, to detect over hastiness and unauthorized stops.


Ability to alert every specific number of kilometers.

Curve detection:

Support for transmitting at every turn, for better route visualization.

Motor is running while stationary:

Alert when the motor is running and the vehicle is left stationary at a specified time range.

Perimeter based alerts:

Geo-fencing alerts when a vehicle is entering/ leaving a specified area at a

specified time.

Fuel Measuring:

Reduce your fuel costs by monitoring and measuring your driver usage of fuel. Connect your Helios unit directly to the vehicle's fuel gauge or

to an external accessory for measuring fuel level. This connection will enable you to compare fuel consumption with distance travelled, minimizing the risk of fuel theft or excessive consumption.

Values Monitoring:

Monitoring of analog inputs to alert when voltage/ temperature are exceeding.

Driver Identification:

By using different Dallas iButton, Remote Controls, Keypad or RF Keypad Codes, the unit sends the code of the current vehicle driver to the center.

Mileage Transmissions:

Periodic mileage transmissions for the needed vehicle's maintenance.

Automated Tracking:

Automatic support for vehicle tracking at specified times, without sending additional commands to the vehicle










Alarm System


Complete Security System: Complete operational security system with different logic states to detect break-ins and report to the center.

Times Programming: Complete control over the alarm system timing (the intervals at which the unit stays at each of the alarm system logic modes).

Wakeup from accelerometer: the unit can wake up from an event triggered by the accelerometer.

Towing Detection: GPS-based detection of movement while the system is armed, produces a towing alert to the center. Helios TT can also detect a tow alert by recording the cellular antennas in its vicinity.

Low Power Warning: Warning transmission whenever the

Vehicle’s main power goes below a predefined threshold

4 Disarming Devices: Four disarming devices are available, including keypad and RF Keypad, remote control, and Dallas iButton.

Gradual Stop:Option to gradually stop the vehicle by

sending pulses to the immobilizer or fuel pump.

Vehicle and Driver Protection

Emergency Button: Support for emergency button to invoke an immediate high-priority transmission to the center.

Accident and Harsh Braking Detector:

Built-in accelerometer serves as both accident and a harsh braking detector.

Auto Lock:

Support for locking/unlocking the doors whenever the motor is starting/stopping.