MELLA Fleet Solutions now offers the widest range of fleet management products on the market, from a top-end sophisticated monitoring and tracking system with advanced features, to personnel tracking, motorbike tracking and mobile asset protection solutions. Our Fleet Management Solution gives Fleet Managers and individuals the flexibility and independence for monitoring and managing their fleet.

Mella Communication Technology PLC has its roots firmly in the communications industry Established in 2011, we have the experience to cater for your requirements. We have tried to make the vehicle tracking market as transparent as possible, ensuring you, the user, do not get confused with the array of options on the tracking market. Mella Communication Technology PLC puts you in full control of your fleet. The system can be used to track, trace, evaluate and create greater efficiencies within your fleet. MCT is built on a solid reputation and total service commitment,  allowing for transparent pricing and clear service benefits. We pride our self on providing the best 'value for money' proposition in the industry. 

   The vehicle tracking industry has seen significant development, particularly in recent years, and we have kept up to date with all technological advances and reporting, putting you at the forefront of fleet tracking,  but without the habitual elevated costs of pioneering equipment. Our tracking product PT600, PT502 and PT500 offers you a complete web based monitoring solution for maximizing fleet efficiency and productivity. By utilizing mobile phone GPRS networks and satellite GPS technology, our trackers presents fleet managers with the convenience of a simple and effective 24/7 vehicle tracking, asset management and security package. Our highly trained team of professionals will go above and beyond the sale to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services. Our goal is to improve your bottom line. Contact us to learn how we can make a difference in your business.